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BPM Tempo Description <24 Larghissimo Extremely slow, slowest type of tempo24 - 40 Adagissimo and Grave Very slow, very slow and solemn40 - 66 Largo Slow and broad44 - 66 Larghetto Rather slow and broad44 - 68 Adagio Slow with great expression46 - 80 Adagietto Slower than andante or slightly faster than adagio52 - 108 Lento Slow56 - 108 Andante At a walking pace, moderately slow80 - 108 Andantino Slightly faster than andante, but slower than moderato (although, in some cases, it can be taken to mean slightly slower than andante)80 - 108 Andante moderato Between andante and moderato (at a moderate walking speed)108 - 120 Moderato At a moderate speed112 - 120 Allegretto By the mid-19th century, moderately fast116 - 120 Allegro moderato Close to, but not quite allegro120 - 156 Allegro Fast and bright124 - 156 Molto Allegro or Allegro vivace At least slightly faster and livelier than allegro, but always at its range (and no faster than vivace)156 - 176 Vivace Lively and fast172 - 176 Vivacissimo and Allegrissimo Very fast, lively and bright168 - 200 Presto Very fast>200 Prestissimo Extremely fast (At this tempo, cut common time is often used)